Tyler Weiss

- 1st Round 2016 OHL Draft Pick,
- Team USA 2016 Youth Olympics - Gold Medalist

Brenley worked with me and my team the Don Mills Flyers throughout the season. I think the mental toughness program was so important because it’s such a big part of the game. So much of how you think and react to things like mistakes, the coach yelling and guys getting in your head, comes from your mental toughness. Brenley taught us to have the right mindset and how to take things the right way. She also helped our team with setting goals, monitoring our goals throughout the season and team bonding. It brought us all closer together and helped us to be a really strong group. Brenley is very easy to talk to and you could go to her any time you wanted. She was always there to help out and always seemed to know the right things to say. Brenley has helped me to stay focused on my main goal of getting to the NHL. The mental game coaching program helped me stay on track and block out all of the negatives that might be getting in the way.