Sports Vision Training & Mental Performance Coaching Toronto, ON

During COVID all sessions are currently virtual

We are thrilled to announce our expansion and the grand opening of the Heads Up Mind Gym in Toronto, Ontario, on February 27, 2016.

Our Heads Up Mind Gym is a highly specialized and scientifically proven sports vision training centre for athletes and high level performers, including corporate executives and tactical forces. It has been designed to strengthen and develop the overall relationship between the eyes, the brain and the body, to enhance performance outcomes. This is done by strengthening the visual, cognitive and motor skills essential to high level performance. We feature cutting edge technology and are one of the largest and most extensive sports vision training programs in Canada.

Our programs can also be designed to assist clients with clinical, medical, and rehab related issues, for the paediatric population right through to senior care. Our customized clinical programs target those with attention issues, visual problems, functional mobility issues, neurocognitive processing difficulties, stroke, driver re-training and other visual, motor and neurocognitive related conditions, including baseline concussion testing, concussion management, and return to play.

Benefits Of Training

  • Improved overall visual awareness
  • Enhanced peripheral awareness
  • More accurate anticipation timing
  • Quicker reaction timing
  • Improved eye-hand coordination
  • Augmented efficiency in multi-tasking
  • Better & more accurate decision making under stress and pressure
  • Augmented speed & span of recognition
  • Improved ability to track multiple moving entities & objects
  • Improved focus and concentration
  • Ease stress effect
  • Heightened memory recall
  • Superior target accuracy
  • Reduce injuries

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