Why Choose Us?

  • All programming and services have been developed by Brenley Shapiro, NHL Mental Performance Coach for the Arizona Coyotes and OHL Peterborough Petes
    Her experience spans across every aspect of the mental game and performance enhancement, including:
    1. 20+ years in practice
    2. 3rd Season as Mental Performance Coach with the Arizona Coyotes
    3. 5th Season as Mental Performance Coach with the Peterborough Petes
    4. Experience working with athletes, teams, parents, coaches, and organizations across all sports and all levels from amateur, to junior, college, olympic and professional
    5. 5 years experience on the expert panel for Sport Psychology for the Coaches Association of Ontario
    6. Published Author
    7. Lululemon Amassador
    8. Powerful Keynote Speaker
    9. International recognition for her work
    10. Cognitive Behavioural Psychotherapist
    11. Certified Sports Vision Trainer
    12. And most importantly, a SPORTS PARENT. Brenley has raised two children through competitive sport, with one son currently playing NCAA Hockey.
  • Fees may be covered in whole or in part by extended health benefits (dependant on client’s insurance provider and plan) - Based on the credentials and professional designations held by Brenley Shapiro
  • Our reputation speaks for itself. Our business has been built from the ground up through word of mouth based on our proven success stories
  • Mental Game training provided to athletes, teams, parents and coaches worldwide
  • Connection for us is key! We have the knowledge. We have the programs. But most importantly we pride ourselves on the connection and relationships we build with our athletes, families, and teams. We care about your wellbeing and are invested in your success. It is our mission to drive the relentless pursuit of empowering potential AND help you enjoy the journey along the way.
  • Our services cover all aspects of the mental game, including traditional sport psychology services as well as cognitive training in our Mind Gym. Think you can’t improve your sports IQ - think again!
  • All initial mental game assessments conducted by Brenley Shapiro. Based on her incredible expertise she is able to assess the exact needs of the client and build out customized training programs
  • A caring and skilled staff of professionals, further trained under Brenley’s guidance and program

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