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Toronto Sport & Mental Performance Consultant

Understanding Sport & Mental Performance Training.

Sport Psychology is the study of human behavior within the sporting environment. It is based upon empirical research, analyzing the effectiveness of theories and interventions used to enhance performance. Mental training and mental game coaching is a segment of sports psychology. The focus is to enable athletes to achieve peak performance and reach their full potential, through the teaching of mental strategies and skills. Mental game coaching for athletes is geared towards breaking through mental barriers, and developing specific mental strengths and skills, ultimately elevating overall performance and success.

At Heads Up Mental Game Coaching we believe you cannot separate the mental from the physical, when it comes to performance. We are committed to helping our athletes develop the ideal mental mindset, enabling them to get the most out of their physical training and ability, and ultimately perform at their best.


  • Improved focus and concentration
  • Improved confidence
  • Development of coping skills to deal with setbacks and adversity
  • Ability to bounce back from mistakes
  • Performing in the zone
  • Development of a healthy belief system and positive thought process
  • Development of game specific strategies to enhance performance
  • Using goals and understanding motivation to achieve optimal performance
  • The ability to reach your full development potential by breaking through the barriers that inhibit peak performance

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