Concussion Services

The Heads Up Mindgym runs baseline concussion testing, concussion rehab and treatment programs and return to play protocols for individuals as well as teams. Our concussion programs are headed up by our lead physiotherapist as well as our Mind Gym coaches. Services may be covered through extended health benefits.

Baseline Concussion Testing

Our baseline concussion protocol consists of a series of tests examining memory, concentration, visual tracking speed, processing abilities, balance, and reaction timing. These tests are used to assess the overall current functioning of the brain. Ifa concussion is later suspected, the results established from the baseline can be measured against a post test and used to determine impairment in brain functioning. In addition, they are used as an effective measure to determine when the brain has fully recovered and the athlete is safe to return to play. For most accurate measuring, a baseline test should be done prior to the start of each season.

Concussion Management

Following a concussion, the “sitting in a dark room” approach is only effective for so long. Concussions, like other sports injuries, should be properly managed and rehabilitated. At Heads Up we understand that each athlete is affected differently and therefore a customized rehab program will be designed to meet the specific needs of each client. Management strategies are used to limit the amount of impairment as well as expedite recovery as much as possible. These strategies include visual, cognitive and motor rehab exercises.

Return to Play

Following a concussion, our return-to-play protocols consist of a series of stages which gradually introduce the athlete back into the sporting environment. One of the most important parts of the process is re-testing all pre-injury cognitive and physical measures. The testing is used to assesses an individual’s level of recovery and ability to return to full game play.

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