Team Training


Strengthen you players' minds, team cohesion and overall performance level, through our team training program. This is a great addition to any team training camp or training throughout the season. Our most popular team package includes a basic mental game assessment of each individual player, an overall assessment of team cohesion, as well as 5 mental game coaching workshops for the entire team. Player and team feedback is provided to both coaches and players. Workshop topics are as follows:

Session 1: The Mental Game Impact

Session 2: Managing Expectations

Session 3: Proactive vs Reactive Confidence

Session 4: Mistakes, Pressure and Adversity

Session 5: Team Mission and Goals

COST: $1500.00 *Does not include travel time


Customize a program to meet the specific needs of your team, players and coaches. Choose one or more of our mental game coaching topic presentations and design a program to best suit your needs.

COST: $300.00 per individual team workshop