Platinum Package:

Full year training program which Includes both Mental Performance Coaching and Mind Gym. Our most comprehensive and full support mental game training program.

  • Initial 10 session Mental Game Coaching package with Brenley Shapiro
  • Five Additional hours of mental game coaching - for ongoing evaluation, progress, and development throughout the season with Brenley Shapiro   
  • Attendance welcome at any Heads Up workshops, presentations or clinics offered throughout the year (parent or athlete) - Ex. Effective Sports Parenting, Mentally Tough Athlete Seminar Series, The Mindful Athlete etc.  - run by Heads Up Coach/es
  • 6 month - Unlimited training in the Mind Gym (with Mind gym coaches - appt bookings required,  and full oversight, monitoring and collaboration by Brenley Shapiro)
  • 3 - In game evaluations - attendance at  games over the course of the season (timing as per your request, with advance notice booking and availability)

         Note: if sport is not game specific and requires more time, evaluation and support will take place twice over the season at a specific event or weekend.  There may be a fee for travel expenses, if necessary.

  • One - 10-15 min. telephone support session per month (for either athlete and/or parent) over the course of the season
  • Collaboration with any coach and/or trainer upon request (this includes phone call/discussion to acquire information, provide information, or offer further support to the athlete
  • Exclusive Priority Booking - Appointment times offered within 1 week of request and/or an urgent basis (whenever feasibly possible)
  • Telephone support available on an urgent basis - whenever feasibly possible

Note: All season packages are highly exclusive offerings provided to a select group of clientele.  There will be a limited number of these packages made available to clients per season in order to ensure the highest level of service.

Package Valid For A Maximum Of 12 Months
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