Get Mentally Tough with Brenley Shapiro


Underlying fear is the number one barrier to success. Whether it is fear of failure, of judgement, of not being good enough, or of anything else, this book will teach you to break through fear in order to effectively pursue your goals. By applying the insights and strategies that Shapiro uses to help athletes and leaders reach their peak potential, you will learn to build confidence, generate and sustain motivation, and create an overall mindset for success. From the sports arena and dressing room to the corporate boardroom, and from the classroom right through to the family room, this book will inspire you to cultivate the best version of yourself and live your greatest life.

“Mental toughness was so important throughout my career - all the great ones had it. This book hits home and scores big with me. It was informative, honest and I was inspired. Couldn’t put it down”

PAUL COFFEY, 4 time Stanley Cup Champion, HHOF (2004)

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