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Brenley Shapiro is available for speaking engagements. Her engaging style and powerful presentations inspire great learning and become a catalyst for growth and change. For booking information please click here to fill out a form and we'll be in touch!



Mindset is everything. It is the foundation upon which all is built. This presentation provides insights and understanding of what it takes to build a mindset for success, whether in sport, business, or life in general. Learn how to maximize your potential and improve your overall productivity.


Parents today recognize the importance the rolesports plays in their children’s lives. Sport and physical activity not only promote healthy growth and development, but teach values, commitment and beneficial life lessons. Yet why is it that when parents enter into the world of youth sports, some crazy things start to happen?.. This powerful, engaging and entertaining presentation offers great insights, will make you laugh, and sometimes even want to cry, but most importantly will guide you on how to best support your youth athletes and create a positive journey for everyone involved.


The ability to persevere is one of life's greatest tools. This presentation provides an understanding of perseverance and the impact it has on overall success in both life and sport. It examines the reasons why people give up and shares inspirational stories of those that overcame devastating failures to achieve great success. You will be left inspired to take control of your own life and empowered to lay down the foundation for developing a pathway towards success.

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