What happens during the Mental Game Assessment?

Company Founder Brenley Shapiro conducts all initial assessment appointments. In this session, a full mental game assessment is done via a 1 on 1 interview with the athlete. The session begins with both the athlete and parents (if age appropriate) for the first 5-10 minutes. The next portion of the session is done one on one with the athlete. The purpose of this session is to discover the athlete’s underlying thinking behind their game/sport/ performance and assess the many different aspects of the mental game including confidence, focus, motivation, emotional control, ability to rebound from mistakes/adversity etc. Brenley is highly skilled in assessing athletes and will be able to identify the mental barriers that are inhibiting development and performance.

Feedback will be given at the end of the appointment and a member of our team will follow up within 1-2 business days to communicate recommendations for further development. One on One customized training programs are developed based on this appointment, to meet the specific needs of each individual athlete.


I’d like to book more sessions. How do I know how many sessions my son / daughter needs?

A member of our support team will call you within 1-2 business days to discuss the recommended program and packages and answer any questions you may have


Which types of athletes do you work with? ie. which sports

We work with all athletes, from all different sports, from school age right through to the professional level (both team sports and individual sports) such as hockey, soccer, basketball, volleyball, baseball, tennis, volleyball, dance, gymnastics, skiing etc.


What age do you recommend starting this type of work??

Mental Game Coaching can start at any age, but typically the youngest age group starts at 8-9 years of age and up


How long is each appointment?

Each appointment is 50 minutes in length


Will I be provided with feedback / updates on how my son / daughter is doing ? How ? via email, phone call?

You may book time for feedback upon request. Please email info@mentalgamecoaching.ca to arrange for an update on your son/daughter’s progress. Feedback will be given at the start or end of one your child’s appts. Please note, that feedback tends to be based on the general concepts being worked on, as opposed to detailed information shared, due to confidentiality.


Can I speak with Brenley to discuss my son / daughter?

Brenley is quite difficult to get in touch with, but she is always willing to arrange a time to speak if necessary. You are always welcome to use some time during your child’s appt to speak about your child.


What methods do you use to help the clients break down mental barriers?

Both cognitive and behavioural strategies are used, along with mental performance strategies,positive psychology and neuropsychology.


Are your services covered under my insurance plans?

Yes, Brenley’s services are covered under counselling/psychotherapy through extended health benefits.Please check with your insurance provider for specifics (ex. Amounts, and service provider requirements. ). Brenley has a counselling practice and designations under Registered Psychotherapist and Registered Social Worker. Sessions will need to be invoiced under these practices for insurance benefits.


How many sessions does my son / daughter need to see improvement?

We recommend 10 sessions to educate, learn strategies and begin changing underlying mindset and perspective, which is the primary goal.