Our Team

Brenley Shapiro - BA, BFA, MSW, RSW, MGCP

Company Founder & President
Cognitive Behavioural Psychotherapist
Sport Psychology & Performance Consultant

A Toronto basedCognitive Behavioural Psychotherapist, Sport Psychology & Performance Consultant, and Certified Sports Vision Trainer, Brenley Shapiro has become highly respected among sporting communities throughout the North American landscape. Holding an Honours degree in Psychology, a Specialized Honours degree in Fine Arts with a focus on Movement Therapy, and a Masters Degree in Clinical/Counselling (MSW), she is able to bring a depth of knowledge and theoretical framework into her applied practice. Further advancing her knowledge base, Brenley has done additional Sport Psychology & Sports Vision training & certification, consistently staying on top of the most current trends, latest research and advances within the field. Her innovative and in depth program development combines theories of cognition and behaviours into mental skills training, along with scientific strategies using state of the art technologies to strengthen neurocogntive processing, decision making under stress and overall reaction timing. Brenley’s rare and unique skill set blended together, fundamentally guides her clients to master their mind for ultimate performance enhancement.

Brenley has been in practice for over 18 years counselling athletes, individuals, children, and families, and is the founder of Heads Up Mental Game Coaching. Established in 2011, Heads Up is a comprehensive high performance training academy, focused on developing ALL aspects of the mental game, for sport, corporate and life in general. Brenley has also become a powerful keynote speaker on the topic of Mindset, Performance and Success, and is the mental performance spokesperson for Gatorade Canada.

With an exceptional ability to teach, motivate, inspire and connect with all those she works with, Brenley has dedicated her life’s work to helping people push the boundaries of achievement and facilitate a pathway towards success. Her transformative program and style, along with her vast degree of knowledge and training spanning every aspect of the mental game, is what separates her from the rest. Provoking excitement, engagement and the transformation of the power of the mind, Brenley is able to foster a true culture of excellence within those she works with.

Gad Espinosa

Mental Performance Coach

Gad Espinosa is a former professional soccer player who represented Canada internationally. Over the past 25 years Gad has coached individuals who have gone on to win Olympic medals and represent Canada at various World Championships. Over the last few years he has added health and wellness training to his coaching repertoire. 
Career Highlights include: 
Ontario Provincial Soccer Team Head Coach
Technical Director - Toronto FC High Park
Coached 3 girls that captured Olymic Broze medals in Rio, Brazil (2016)
Positions held: Head Coach Men's varsity soccer - Redeemer University College